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Terms and Conditions of Livery at South West Eventing

The following terms and conditions are agreed between South West Eventing and the owner or authorised representatives of the horse(s) using the services of South West Eventing at Fairfields Stables


  • The horse owner, his/her representative and any guests they invite onto the premises of Fairfield Stables must agree to abide by the yard code of conduct displayed in the tack room. This may be amended at any time.

  • All livery services include a stable with unlimited hay or haylage and use of the equestrian facilities: outdoor arenas, xc field and hacking tracks, subject to availability. Turnout is subject to weather conditions but is generally daily and can be 24/7 by agreement.

  •  All livery charges are payable one month in advance (unless 2 weeks by arrangement) and are non refundable unless the horse is sold. Any invoices not settled within 14 days of receipt will be subject to an administration  charge of 10 percent. Payment by cash/ internet transfer preferred or cheque made payable to South West Eventing. A horse owner cannot remove their horse permanently until any outstanding invoices to South West Eventing have been paid.

  • Owners of new horses must guarantee that there horse has, to the best of their knowledge, not had or been in contact with any infectious diseases in the past 3 months.  As a further precaution all new arrivals will be placed on isolation initially.

  • All horse owners are required to have an account with a local Vet and horses must be vaccinated against equine influenza and tetanus. In the event of a horse needing veterinary attention SW Eventing reserve the right to call out the vet without the owner’s permission if they have been unable to contact them and the owner will be responsible for all costs incurred. In case of severe injury when the vet recommends euthanasia, SW Eventing has the right to authorize this if the owner cannot be contacted in order to reduce the horse’s suffering.

  • The horse owner is fully responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by, or in connection with, their horse and must have at least public liability insurance for their horse, details of which will be kept by SW Eventing. We strongly recommend that horse owners have a comprehensive insurance policy including vet’s fees and tack cover.

  • The horse owner accepts that South West Eventing has no liability for the following:

    • Any damage, loss or theft of property at the premises.

    • Any injury to the owner’s horse whilst in the care of SW Eventing on or off the premises.

    • Any personal injury to the owner, their representative or any visitor at the premises.

  • After initial trial period South West Eventing or the horse owner can terminate this agreement at any time, subject to 4 weeks’ notice given in writing or a time period mutually agreed by both parties. Any changes of the terms and conditions of this agreement and of any charges are also subject to a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice.

  • Charges for horse training/selling livery include all livery, bedding, hay costs. It also includes riding approx 5-6 days/week including intensive training with photos and video taken as needed. Extras to be charged at cost include specialist feed/supplements/ veterinary expenses, farrier and competition/training expenses.

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